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A Reverse Harem Workplace: Thoughts on Go Ho’s Starry Night

(Via Dramafever)

Go Ho’s Starry Night (고호의 별이 빛나는 밤에)

(Drama 2016)

Go Ho’s Starry Night is a mini South Korean web series.

In this drama, Go Ho (Kwon Yuri) works at an advertising company. One day, her hot-tempered boss, Manager Kang Tae-ho (Kim Young Kwang), moves her to a different advertising team. She soon finds out that her new boss is her ex-boyfriend, Hwang Ji-hoon (Lee Ji-hoon). Go Ho struggles with the stress of her job as well as the unwanting affection of her ex-boyfriend who is still in love with her and the four-year unrequited love of her former boss, Manager Kang Tae-ho.

I admire the character, Go Ho, for her strong work ethic. She’s very passionate about her job. I also like the fact that she’s a writer and writes a weekly column about dating and relationships on an online site. She gets her writing inspiration from her personal life.

The main girl, Go Ho, is in her own reverse harem and must decide on two guys. However, there are three other guys who have been mesmerized by her charms too. My favorite part was when all five guys competed against each other to figure out who will be the lucky guy to ask Go Ho out first. They all agreed that their competition comes down to Go Ho’s choice. Thus, they have a mini contest to try to persuade Go Ho into picking their coffee recommendations and whichever coffee drink that Go Ho gets means that that guy can ask her out.

This web drama is cute and cheesy. It’s a drama that you can watch during your downtime. There’s plenty of laughs that this show brings to viewers but you shouldn’t expect a complex storyline.


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