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LynLynSays’ Love Songs: Trust Me – KARD

Yesterday, KARD’s You & Me album came in the mail. It took a while because I ordered the limited edition one where I get a random member’s autograph. Yet to my surprise, I got all four members! KARD IS THE BEST! 

The love song for today is KARD’s “Trust Me.”  There are two versions of this song. There’s a BM & Somin version and a J.Seph & Jiwoo version. I like both versions though because they have different rap lyrics and music that fit each duet’s style!

In this song, there’s a “lack of communication” among a couple. I say this loosely because it isn’t that the couple is going to break-up but rather, they are in a vulnerable state and they can’t express themselves in words to each other.

The boy and girl have two different definitions of trusting one another. The girl would like her man to tell her what’s wrong, but the guy is too reluctant to share. Instead, he tells her to not worry about it and to trust him. The boy’s version of trust is letting him take care of things. He doesn’t want to worry his woman about his troubles, and so he doesn’t share what’s going on. As for the girl, she would like for him to communicate what’s on his mind as she would like to bear the burden together. She wants him to know that she can keep him safe.

You will never be disappointed about me, Trust Me

Can you keep looking at me with soft eyes? Trust Me

My love won’t change forever, Trust Me

No matter what will happen, Trust Me

I will definitely protect you, Trust Me

-KARD’s “Trust Me”

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