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Let’s Talk Anime Nominated Me For The Blogger Recognition Award (Part 2)

Zoe from Let’s Talk Anime nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. Zoe is a fellow OWLS bloggers and you should definitely check out her writing.

Thank you, Zoe, for the nomination!

Rules for Nomination

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Give the story or history of your blog
  3. Give 2+ pieces of advice to new bloggers
  4. Nominate 10 other bloggers
  5. Leave a comment on your nominations’ blogs to let them know and give a link to your post

My Blogging History:

I already have done this award before so I’m not going to repeat my blogging story. You can check it out here.

My Blogging Advice:

Many people asked me about whether or not they should monetize their site and actually get one of the WordPress plans. I only recommend joining a plan if you are really serious about blogging and it’s something you will continue doing in the future. If blogging is a casual hobby, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on it and just let your site be free. For me, I knew blogging is something that I would like to keep doing as a hobby and I’ve gotten more serious about becoming a freelance writer over the course of my blogging experience, and so that’s why I monetize my site. Hence, you see my little disclosure policy everywhere, please support your fellow bloggers like me! ❤

When it comes to blogging collaborations and projects, you should make sure your partners are serious and trustworthy. I’ve been a part of a few successful and failed projects and it usually comes down to the type of people you are working with. I think failed collaborative projects happen when there isn’t any communication amongst parties. A lack of communication on projects has happened to me before. I’m someone that needs structure and organization when it comes to collaboration projects and if there isn’t any communication about that, I tend to get frustrated and stressed. So for future notice, if you ever are interested in collaborating with me, please communicate and in return, I’ll give you my hard work and dedication.

I will not give any nominations because I have a few other ones to write. 😛

Once again, thank you, Zoe, for the nomination and if you are interested in her post, you can check it out here.

Disclosure Policy
Just Something About LynLyn is a member of the WordAds Program. I permitted ads to run on my blog so that I can get paid by cost per impression (CPI). So I would really appreciate it if you turned off your Adblocker on this website so that I can earn some money. With the earnings I make, I will use the funds to create better content for you all, and you will also help feed a poor graduate student.

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  1. Congratulations on your award, and the pieces of advice you gave were very good. Inhave so far only done one collaboration, but it does definitely come down to having a good way to communicate. But, it really is a lot of fun to do if I’m being honest 😀

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