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2017: Leave It Behind.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Another year in the books! This year has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs for me. And I personally want to leave this year behind me and just go forward. 

When it came to blogging, I failed all my 2017 goals. So I’m not going to make any goals this upcoming year and just go with the flow. I received many opportunities that allowed me to grow as a writer but I also had some disappointments in regards to failed blogging projects.  In the end, I think the positives and negatives balanced each other out. For 2018, I hope to further grow as a writer and editor and reach a larger audience.

As for my personal life, I had a rough year, health-wise. Aside from the usual mental draining of grad school, I received injuries that left me broken inside and out. I received the ultimate blow to the heart—a heartbreak that I’m still recovering from even after almost a year. And to top it off, I have been plagued with physical injuries. A skateboarder rammed his skateboard into my foot because he didn’t know how to stop nor did he read the “No Skateboarding” sign. And, due to my clumsiness, I sprained my ankles a few times this year. But I think the worse health issue I had this year was having ear infections that affected my hearing for half a year. I couldn’t really enjoy listening to music with earphones or headphones and I had to stop doing voice chats with my online friends for some time. Luckily, the issue was solved and I can now enjoy my favorite activities. I hope it won’t happen again, though.

Overall, for 2018, all I ask for is a simple year with not so many curveballs. 2017 wasn’t a great year for me and so, I hope 2018 would let me breathe a little.

Let me just live a sexy, free and single year.

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6 thoughts on “2017: Leave It Behind. Leave a comment

  1. After the tough year that you have had I really hope with all my heart that 2018 is going to be bringing you nothing but goodness. I look forward to reading your post again next year. You have wriiten some truly amazing posts this year, which is something you should definitely be proud of. All the best for 2018, and see you next year 😊

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  2. OooOohh Super Junior~!

    I also failed all my blogging goals this year, but I’m not sure yet if I want to set ones for this year. Maybe being sexy, free, and single this year will be the way to go. And ouch, a skateboard? Watch out there Lyn! Wishing you a safe year full of healing and luck~! Happy New Year!

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