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Piecing The City Together: Thoughts on The LEGO Batman Movie

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures (Via Wikipedia)

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Directed By Chris McKay

My first day of winter break consisted of watching The LEGO Batman Movie. Was it entertaining? Yes. Was it stupid? Yes.

In this movie, Batman must stop the Joker’s evil plan from taking over and destroying Gotham City, and also overcome his greatest fear, losing loved ones.

Now, we all have our version of the Batman’s voice. Our versions are usually coarse, cold, and deep but at the same time, our voices convey Batman as cool and mysterious. Yet in this movie, the writers and producers transform Batman into this arrogant and self-centered superhero, which was great for comedic purposes.

As a children’s movie, the main message that this film emphasized is the importance of family and belonging. Batman has major family issues: his parents died when he was younger and for years, he has felt lonely and unloved. Yet by adopting Richard “Dick” Grayson” aka Robin, Batman learns to become tolerant and compassionate. In fact, in this movie, Batman has no idea what teamwork means: he prefers to work alone. However, when the Joker and his evil minions start to destroy the city of Gotham, Batman teams up with Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, and the rest of Gotham’s villains to stop him.  Personally, I thought it was cute that all the characters had to “connect” with one another in order to pull the LEGO Gotham city back together, or else the city gets torn apart (similar to the function of the LEGO toys).

Overall, this movie is pretty silly. It takes the serious Batman character and transforms him into this comedic, narcissistic vigilante. In addition, Batman is also an idiot at times as he lets his ego get in the way of having any common sense.


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