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A New Side of Thor—Thoughts on Thor: Ragnarok

Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios (Via Wikipedia)

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Directed By Taika Waititi

During Thanksgiving Break, I watched Thor: Ragnarok with my sister because she is a big Thor fan and she really wanted to watch it. Unlike my sister, I’m not a huge Thor fan but I do admit that Chris Hemsworth is definitely hot.

Thor and Loki’s older sister, Hela, returns and reeks havoc on Asgard. It is up to Thor to stop her from taking the throne and destroying his home.

Now some critics dislike how there is a lot of comedy in this movie in contrast to the other films, but I really enjoyed it. The comedy made it more kid-friendly and you see a different side of Thor as opposed to being this arrogant, muscle man.

Personally, I felt that this movie was more character driven than plot driven because we see Thor coming to terms with his own destiny and his relationships with his family. He learns that his father, Odin, wasn’t as saintly as he appeared to be. Thor also has to fight his older sister, Hela, the Goddess of Death. She was released from prison after the death of their father, Odin, and she has this vengeance against him and her brothers. In addition, Thor has to “work” alongside his brother, Loki, to stop her. It was actually nice to see them fighting on the same side for once but that might not happen in Infinity Wars.

Also, we see more of the Hulk in this film. In the other movies, the Hulk didn’t really stand out and is the least popular one out of all the Avengers (I think), and so it’s nice to see him have a bigger role here. In fact, in this movie, we see the Hulk become a star—he is the greatest champion in the Contest of Champions. Hulk easily finds acceptance amongst the aliens and galactic creatures due to the fact that looking different is the norm. Also, the Hulk found a place where he belongs as opposed to the people on Earth who fear him.

Lastly, I did enjoy the character, Valkyrie, who is portrayed by Tessa Thompson.  She is the last “Valkyrie” after the rest of her squad died due to being sacrificed to stop Hela. She didn’t get enough screen time and we have yet to see her character fully developed in this film, but I look forward to seeing her in the other Avengers films.

The overall message that Thor: Ragnarok gives to its viewers is that home isn’t a location but the people—this message is stated throughout the movie and it really stood out to me, mostly because I can relate to it so much.

Overall, it’s a good movie in regards to character development and comedic antics. However, I do think that this movie is only a filler; in which its main purpose is to introduce new characters and develop old ones, as well as to set up the background for the Infinity Wars films.


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