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Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Corner Nominated Me For The Real Neat Blog Award (Part 5)

I was nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by Ryuji from Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Corner. Thank you for the nomination and I would like to tell you that you got the last slot for this blogging award nomination. I haven’t done this particular award post in a long time.


  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

Ryuji’s Questions:

  • Have you ever hated any of your teachers? If yes, then how many times have you tortured them to death?

Hate is a strong word. It’s more of a dislike. I had a few teachers that I didn’t like because of their teaching philosophy and methods, but there was never a point where I wanted to “torture them to death.” I still respect them even if I don’t like them.

  • Name an anime song that makes you jump in joy or sing along with it (Even if the lyrics are mainly just gibberish)?


  • What is your ideal travel destination?

To your heart. Just kidding. I would like to do a blogging world tour and visit the countries of all of my online blogging friends.

  • Have you ever hurt an animal back when you were a kid? (…….. Please tell me it wasn’t just me Q.Q)


  • 2017 is almost at its end, which anime has been your favorite this year?

I can’t answer this question because I haven’t watched enough of this year’s anime.

  • Are you into K-pop/K-drama? Who is your favorite Idol/Actor among them?

I love Kpop and Kdramas. My favorite Kpop band is 2pm and my bias is Chansung. As for favorite Kdrama actor, it is Park Seo-joon. I fell in love with him from the series, Fight for My Way.

  • It’s a zombie apocalypse. You are driven to a corner, the object to your left and right are your only weapon. How screwed are you? (Clichéd question, I know)

Very screwed. I will just accept my fate and die.

Once again, thank you Ryuji for the nomination. I will not nominate anyone for this particular award because I am too lazy. XD

If you would like to check out Ryuji’s answers, click here.

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