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Lyn’s Adventures: WILD KARD Tour 2017 Pt. 2


As a belated birthday president to myself, I bought a ticket to go see KARD. If you aren’t familiar with them. they are a co-ed Kpop group.  It wasn’t really a concert though, but more of a fan meet. They performed all their songs on their mini album and did a few cover songs.

Overall, the show was only an hour and 30 min but it was definitely worth the money. I wanted to get the VIP Package (which included a meet and greet and a signed album) but sadly, I didn’t—my computer wasn’t fast enough. However, I did get a free autograph poster.


Next time though, I’ll try to get the VIP tickets.

Here are some videos from the concert.

“Don’t Recall”

“Oh NaNa”


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