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Lyn’s Adventures: Taeyang’s White Night World Tour Concert

For my birthday celebration, I attended Taeyang’s White Night World Tour Concert in San Jose, CA with my sister and my best friend. 

My sister is a huge fan of Taeyang and he was the first Kpop artist she actually liked. As for me, I think he’s cool but he isn’t someone that was a “must-watch” for me in comparison to 2pm. However, it was nice to add him to my list of “Concerts I Went To.”

From this concert, we learned that Taeyang is a total diva. He wears these outrageous outfits, gets really over dramatic and emotional while he is singing, and he does a little too much with the dance moves. In fact, he dropped the mic once when spinning and when he tried to toss the mic and catch it, it hit his face. It was comedic but he was very professional and a good sport about it, which shows his dedication to giving a great performance to his fans.

Overall, Taeyang is a great performer, and I would like to see all of BIG BANG in a world tour concert someday because it would definitely be a wild party!

Here are some videos I took during the concert!

Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”

Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl”

Taeyang’s “Breakdown”

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