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Zombies At A Con

Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. Names, characters, brands, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Background: Seven Discord buddies get trap in a convention center while attending an anime con. The place is filled with zombies that happened to spur out of nowhere. There are no signs of other life.

Act 1: The Assembly

Scene 1:

Lita: This is what you get Mr. Zombie for messing with my friend, Lyn.

*Lita whacks a zombie head with Sango’s Hiraikotsu*

Lyn: Thanks, Lita. But you could have left me to die. I don’t think I can live any longer. *lies on the floor in hopeless despair*

Lita: If you think I’d leave you behind, think again MISSY! *drags Lyn by the arm*

Crimson: Hey, girls! I think I found an exit! *points to the emergency exit door*

[Crimson opens the door and they all enter.]

Scene 2:

Blade: I think that’s the last of them. *Blade pulls out the katana sword that he recently bought from a zombie’s skull*

Gero: Yup, sure is.

Blade: Man, all I wanted to do was buy my Tsumiki poster…But now we have to deal with all this… *looks at all the gory dead zombies*

Gero: Yup.

Blade: What shall we do now?

Gero: We can sit here and wait for help or we can kill more zombies?

Blade: I say kill—

[Screams are heard. Three girls enter the area and  are being chased by a Tin Man (Well, more like a Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Alphonse Elric cosplay.)]




Blade: Don’t worry girls, I’ll get him.

[But before Blade could pull out his katana, Gero sucker punches the Tin Man and the Tin Man stumbles to the ground.]

Gero: Got him.

Blade: Let me finish him off. [Blade gets out his katana and right when he was about to swipe it into the Tin Man’s body, his sword gets deflected by a guy carrying Kirito’s black sword and wearing Zero’s helmet-mask.]

Zero Guy: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

Blade: Why not?

Zero Guy: Well, are you sure this Tin Man is a zombie? You haven’t taken off his mask to prove it.

Crimson: He’s got a point. *pauses and looks at Zero* Wait a minute…why should we believe you?

Lita: Yeah, who the bloody hell are you?

Zero Guy: Umm…you can call me Marth.

Crimson: Marth? Like Martha Stewart?

Marth: No. Just Marth.

Crimson: No. I’m gonna call you Martha cuz I’m bad with names.

Marth: No. Marth.

Crimson: No, it’s Mar—

[Blade interrupts the two.]

Blade: Yeah, okay, Martha or Marth, whoever you are—we can deal with that later. Right now, we have a bigger problem to deal with. *points at the Tin Man*

Gero: Yeah, who is going to take off the Al mask?

*dead silence*

Lyn: Well…I guess I can. I mean, no one else seems to want to touch it and I’ve been trying to kill myself off from this. (Author’s Note: Yeah, I’m not gonna kill you off yet, Lyn.)

Blade: Okay, umm…what’s your name?

Lyn: Lyn.

Blade: Okay, Lyn. You will take off the Al mask and if it’s a zombie, I will strike it. If it’s human, it lives.

Marth: Great plan but I think I should do the swiping.

Blade: Why you?

Marth: Well your reflexes are slow.

Blade: No, it isn’t.

Marth: Yeah, you are. I was watching you fumble trying to get your sword out and so that dude over there had to punch this Tin Man. *points at Gero*

Gero: He’s got a point.

Blade: Wait, you were watching us?

Crimson: *gasp* You stalker! There can only be one stalker in this group and that’s me! *points at herself*

Marth: Okay—I don’t think it’s so bad to be observing you people. I mean we are in a zombie apocalypse. Can’t trust anyone.

Blade: I beg to differ—

[Lita interrupts.]

Lita: Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s deal with the Tin Man first. Lyn, who do you think should kill the thing?

Lyn: *bluntly says* I pick Marth.

Blade: *kind of disappointed* Why him?

Lyn: Well, I agree with him that you have slow reflexes and so, I’m not sure if you would save me in time. And also, what if you slice my hand in the process?

Blade: I wouldn’t slice your hand.

Lyn: You don’t know that.

Blade: Yeah, but you trust Marth that he won’t?

Lyn: No, but at least I know that if I die, I died by Zero’s hand and that’s pretty cool.

Lita: You aren’t going to die, Lyn. -pause- …Well if there isn’t any more gibberish. Let’s do this. On the count of three together, Lyn will take off the mask and Marth you will strike if it’s a zombie.

Crimson: Okay, I’ll start. One.

Gero: Two.

Blade: Three.

Lita: Okay now!

[Lyn takes off the Al mask.]

Tin Man Guy: ‘Sup ladies and gents.

Lyn: Lopez?!

Crimson: OMG Zen!

Zen: Yes, the one and only.

To be continued…

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