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Lyn’s Adventures: Hawaii — Kailua Beach & Sailing (Part 4)

After the helicopter ride, my cousins and I went to eat breakfast at a local brunch place. I forgot the name of the restaurant but they were rated one of best places to eat on Yelp.

My cousin got ube flavored french toast. I love ube flavored things and this french toast was definitely sweet and delicious. As for me, I got their “special.” Sorry, I forgot what it is called but it had rice, scrambled eggs, bacon, spam, and their special gravy sauce.

After that, my family had another get together at Kailua Beach. This is a pretty popular beach. In my opinion, it’s the best one out of the three we went to because it actually looks like a legit beach you see in the movies. The water is this greenish bluish and the sand is so soft and white.

We spent a few hours at Kailua Beach and then we sailing on my relatives’ boat. They usually go fishing in the evening and they were kind enough to let us take a boat ride around the island. We didn’t catch any fish but we did see a beautiful sunset.

That day I joked with my cousins: “We went through all four Avatar stages. We traveled around the island by helicopter (Air). We played on the soft white sand at Kailua Beach (Earth). We went sailing in the Pacific Ocean (Water). And lastly, we had to suffer from this heat and humidity (Fire).”

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