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Lyn’s Adventures: Hawaii — Aloha Stadium Swap Meet (Part 2)

While you are in Honolulu, there’s one place where you can get all your souvenir shopping done and that’s Aloha Stadium. They hold a large swap meet a few times a week. It’s heaven and hell at the same time. This is the place where you find a lot of cute stuff for cheap, but also the place where you spend all your money because everything is so cheap.

Aloha Stadium

I spent around $100  buying souvenirs in about three hours. Some of the things I bought were bracelets, a wooden pineapple jewelry box, and clothes. There were a lot of other things I wanted to buy but I had to budget.

If you ever plan to go to Honolulu and need to do a little souvenir shopping, you should go to the swap meet first before spending any money at other places because the prices are cheaper for certain items there rather than at a typical souvenir shop.  Also, it gets extremely hot since the swap meet is outdoors, so I recommend bringing a water bottle. And if you don’t have one, you can buy one at the swap meet. They also sell snacks and refreshments. I got a strawberry lemonade slushie.

So much macadamia nut chocolate!!!!

Aside from the swap meet shopping, I also bought some specialty snacks from Hawaii. Have you ever tried cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company or dried pineapple from Hawaiian Crown? I recommend those as delicious snacks to bring back home. And of course, you can’t forget the variety of macadamia nut chocolate.

The cute little Tea Boss mascot!

Furthermore, I would like to recommend a great boba shop called Tea Boss. They make really good tea and their mascot is adorable. I practically went there every day I was in Hawaii because it was near by our hotel.

If you missed part one of my Hawaii adventures, you can check it out here.


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