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Astronomical Fate: Thoughts on The Universe of Us

(Via Goodreads)

The Universe of Us (2016)

By Lang Leav

The Universe of Us is the most recent poetry book created by Lang Leav. In, Lullabies, I really enjoyed her poetry and writing style and I came with the same expectation in this book as well.

Most poems in this book are using the universe and cosmological symbols to represent love and romance. Lang Leav conveys love as something like a “beautiful disaster”—it’s sublime and catastrophic. One example is a star bursting when seeing your love from a far or that idea of being “star-crossed lovers.” She also incorporates the concept of fate within these astronomical images.

Some of my favorite poems in this book include “My Heartache,” “The Loneliest Place,” “The Edge of the World,” and “A Whole Universe.” Like my other post, I tend to reflect and enjoy the poems that have a feeling of longing and sadness when it comes to love and so, a good majority of her poems convey such a feeling.

Lang Leav is such a talented poet and she really captures the emotions and feelings of being in love. In fact, she has inspired me to write my own poetry—or at least attempt to because I am not much of a creative person. I have a lot of feelings that I’d like to express this past year and I think creative writing is a great way to express it. Plus, poetry should be shared by others (and the others are you, readers).


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