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Lyn’s Adventures: A Legendary Pokemon Day

First and for most, I would like to apologize to everyone. I was supposed to get my OWLS blog post published earlier in the day, but capturing legendary Pokemon took place of that. (Yes, I had my priorities straight.)

On Monday, my friends and I felt like true Pokemon Trainers. With our Facebook groups, text messages, GPS navigation and etc., we hunted for raid battles with Legendary Pokemon.  During these raid battles, we met other groups who are on the hunt and they even were at multiple locations we were in. Unlike most people who faded away with this game, my friends and I play Pokemon Go on a daily basis—we are pretty dedicated. So, when the Legendaries were released, we were already on it.

Anyways, this blog post is a document of my day. I’m not going to reveal locations, but I am going to tell you what happened.

9:15 AM I woke up to an Articuno that spawned five minutes from my house. It had an hour and 45 min left. I walked there to find no one around so I decided to join my local region’s Facebook group page and post a status there (my friend’s suggestion). I was added to the group’s Messenger a few minutes later. My friend, Cynthia, came to join me but I told her no one was there and everyone was going to another location (according to the Messenger which is about a seven-minute drive from my house. So we got into her car and joined that raid battle.

10:45 AM We arrived at the second location and met up with a man that was walking his dog. At this gym, we were battling for an Articuno and this area also happens to have another gym that was spawning another Articuno. So if we didn’t get this one, we would go to the other one as a big group. There were about fifteen players in the team including two of my other friends, Emma and Evert. I didn’t get the Articuno the first time, but I did get it the second time and I managed to get it with just one percent battery on my phone.

12:00 PM ish We went to our favorite cafe for some downtime. My friends decided to do some research and see where everyone is at for more legendary battles.

1:00 PM ish We drove to the next city over to do our battling there. The first spot we went to was to capture a Lugia. I didn’t get it though. We had around 15 people there and we met up with Emma’s friend, Matt.

1:45 PM The second spot we went to was another raid battle for a Lugia. We had about 12 people (the last battle had fourteen people) but failed to complete the mission within the two-hour time limit.

3:00 PM Then we went to the wharf and there was a crowd of people. Some guy decided to park right in the no parking zone. I think he was dragging his wife and kids around everywhere to catch Legendaries.

3:15 PM We went to another church for an Articuno but we didn’t have enough people for that one. So we failed instantly and then we walked a few feet further to get a Tyranitar. I started to play with my other friend, Mel’s, account because she has yet to catch a Legendary and she thinks it is fate that she can’t own one. I lost twice…

4:00 PM We went to our final location which was a popular scenic route of the Pacific Ocean. Both Articuno and Lugia appeared right next to each other and that place was lit with lures and Pokemon. I caught some good ones though—I was able to evolve my Teddiursa and Magnemite. As for the Articuno and Lugia, I failed to catch it for my friend.

5:30 PM After so many gyms and Pokestops, we went to go eat pho.

9: 00 PM Came home.

That’s it for my Legendary Pokemon Day. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again and try to catch the other Legendary Pokemon that will be appearing in the upcoming weeks.

I would like to thank Cynthia, Emma, Evert, Matt, Mel, and all those people we teamed up with during raids for a fun day!

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