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Announcements: I’m Officially On Vacation!

Dear Readers,

I think you already have noticed that I’ve been more active on my blog lately. Well, if you haven’t noticed, I am officially on vacation. I just finished finals and also got done moving into my new apartment. The rest of my summer will consist of blogging! I really missed blogging and talking to everyone in the anime blogging community, but I’m glad to be back! 🙂

While looking through my blog, I noticed that I have not updated my review pages since December 2016. I spent the whole day updating those pages—everything is up to date. So if you haven’t been on my website in a while, check out those pages to see what you missed. Aside from the review pages, I also updated a few other pages as well, Award Nominations and the 30-Day Asian Drama Challenge.

I even made a Disclosure Policies page that goes through some important logistics for the blog. These policies are important and I hope you will follow them when visiting my blog. 🙂 If you don’t know of these policies, you can read them here.

Besides the updated pages, I have a ton of backlogs for this blog that I will be working on and publishing. I’m trying to get as many posts out before I go back to school. And also, I am going to Hawaii at the end of the month which I’m pretty excited for since I haven’t gone there since I was seven. So stay tuned for some tweets and posts about my vacation!

Anyways, let’s have a happy blogging summer! And Happy Reading!




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  1. Nice to hear 😊 You really deserve this vacation, so I hope you are going to enjoy yourself. Glad to have you back into blogging. Looking forward to whatever posts you have in store for us. But most importantly have fun 😀

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