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Quick Reads: Kimi ni Koishite Ii desu ka.

(Via MyAnimeList)

Kimi ni Koishite Ii desu ka. (May I be in love with you?, キミに恋していーですか。)

(Manga 2013)

By: Nana Shiiba

I only read Kimi ni Koishite Ii desu ka. because I found the main protagonist’s face amusing (in a cute way). Chigira’s eyes look like a guy who hasn’t slept for days due to an enormous amount of stress caused by finals. Oh wait, that sounds like me. 😛

Chigira Ruiji’s face looks like a demon. He gets mistaken as a gangster who is constantly looking for a fight; hence as to why he would always get jumped by thugs and is treated as a troublemaker by his teachers and peers. However, Chigira is actually a sweet guy who just wants to have a normal high school life and a girlfriend. So when he meets the girl of his dreams, Sana Wakatsuki, he tries his best to talk to her and become her friend. However, she’s scared of him. With the help of Moemi Kibayashi, Chigira tries to become a more approachable guy to Sana.

There wasn’t anything too unique about this manga. It’s a simple and cute high school romance between a misunderstood guy and a shy girl. Also, Chigira’s facial reactions are adorable. Check this manga out if you want to see it. That’s what I did.


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