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LynLynSays’ Love Songs: Umbrella (우산 )- Far East Movement (Ft. Hyolyn & Gill Chang)

For the last installment of my love songs, I decided to pick a romantic one as oppose to a depressing one. I have an umbrella story with a pretty sad ending. I was hoping that we could be an  “umbrella” for each other, but it can never happen now.


Baby 널 올려줄게 우산 처럼
고개 들어 내가 있잖아
영원히 사랑하길 약속해
우산 처럼 네 마음을 받아줄게


Baby, I’ll lift you up like an umbrella
I’ll make sure you’re keeping your head up
I’ll promise to love you forever
And I’ll catch your heart like an umbrella

“Umbrella” By Far East Movement (Ft. Hyolyn)

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