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LynLynSays’ Love Songs: Save My Soul – Jojo

Lita sang me this song to me as a way to cheer me up. I laughed at how silly she can be. ❤ Also, I’m going to see Jojo in concert this month as well!

You got what you wanted
Didn’t you?
Don’t know where your heart is
But mine’s bruised
You knew when you started
That I’d lose
The blood on the carpet
Is not you

I tried to wash the scars and marks from under my skin
But you’re etched in me like stone

“Save My Soul” By Jojo

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  1. Hey Lyn, I hope you are getting better. It bums me to see you sad. Glad to hear Lita came to help. I don’t what I can do cheer you up. I am happy to see her made you smile. I hope you have great time at concert. 🙂

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