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Announcements: 2017 Goals

I wrote a list of goals for 2016, but I failed miserably.

  • I didn’t reach 1000 followers. It was mostly my fault because I haven’t been posting as often as I used to and that’s because I got busy.
  • Put a little more effort (in my appearance). I actually have done that. I dress a little more mature.
  • Finish editing the first draft of that 2014 Nanowrimo project I did. Like my first goal, I got too busy to do any editing for that project.

Now, what does this say about me as a person? Absolutely nothing because even though I didn’t accomplish those goals, I received other opportunities that I took advantage of. These are just minor goals of mine, but it gives me more motivation that I should keep doing what I’m doing because sooner or later more amazing things will happen. And I think 2016 was the start of it.

My 2017 Goals

  • 1500 followers in total (WordPress, Facebook, Twitter). Yes, I’m going to try this once again.
  • 35,000 views for 2017.
  • Progress “somewhat” with the editing of my 2014 Nanowrimo project. I’m making this goal loose because I’m not sure if I will have time to edit the whole thing, but if I edit a chapter that would be good.

This looks like a do-able list, but it depends on how busy I am with school and stuff. I think I can do it, though. (I say this now, but in 2018, 2018 Lyn will be disappointed at 2017 Lyn. But that’s future me problems. 😛 )

Anyways, once again, Happy New Year! And good luck to all my blogger friends and their 2017 goals!


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