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Lyn’s Adventures: Christmas & A Righteous Path

My Christmas wasn’t as great as I hoped it would be. In fact, it has been a stressful two weeks. While I was working on my finals, I found out my grandpa passed away. So I had to rearrange my schedule and come home earlier than I expected. Luckily, the last thing I needed to do was to write papers. So I did those at home before my uncle came to visit this week for the funeral.

The very next day after Christmas I had to attend my grandpa’s funeral. Christmas is supposed to be a joyous celebration, but for me, I wasn’t all that cheery. I did get some awesome Christmas presents, though.

My grandpa’s funeral was mentally and physically stressful. I’m sad that my grandpa passed away, but that’s the cycle of life—you live and then you die. It sounds pretty cruel, but with the amount of literary stories I read about people dying I have grown to accept that notion. What got me more stress, though, is the repercussions and the aftermath of his death and what it means to others. There are personal matters that need to be settled and only truth and what’s morally right will succeed.

As I look back on 2016, there were good things and bad things. But no matter what, your time on Earth isn’t guaranteed, so feel thankful that you have another year.

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  1. This is truly sad. I am sorry to hear this Lyn. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time but you ended up having a depressing moment. If there was any way I could help, I would want you to have a great Christmas. At least your grandpa is now resting in peace.

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  2. Oh Lyn im sorry to hear about your grandad noone should have to go through losing anyone and the most true thing you mentioned be glad you have another year. hope you have a freaking great new years then !!!!

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  3. I’m so sorry for you. It is always sad when someone you love passes away, but to have it happen just before Christmas is even more sad. This is not a good way to end a year. I hope you are allright and that 2017 will be a good year for you. Take care.

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