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Lyn’s Thoughts: Will I make it to 1000?

During the end of 2015, I wrote down a blogging goal that I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2016. That blogging goal is to have 1000 followers in total (WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter). In the beginning, I really believed that I would accomplish this goal because, at the time, I was really active on my WordPress and in the anime blogging community. However, life happened and I got busy. Real busy. So I wasn’t able to be as active this year as I hoped to be.

I already know I’m not gonna make it to 1000, but I have this urge to try. It’s probably because of the craziness within me. However, it is also mostly because I like a challenge and I want to try my best even though it seems impossible. I had a goal a year ago and I should at least try to keep it even if I fail (and I most likely will).

I only have one final paper left to edit and turn in, and then I’m free to start my winter break. So I will try to get some blog posts in before the new year hits because there’s a lot of ideas, thoughts, and things I watched that I want to express on posts.



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