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Lyn’s Adventures: Lumpia Palooza & Ping Pong


Last weekend, I attended my first local SF event: Lumpia Palooza. I didn’t actually buy any lumpia because I can always make it at home and also I’m a bit bias and think that my mom makes the best lumpia in the world. The only reason I attended this event is because I wanted to hang out with my friends and this is something that we can all enjoy since we all love food. 

Overall, the food trucks were alright. I enjoyed the poke bowl I got as well as the other food I tried. However, the food was a bit overpriced and it was crowded and hot.

Photo By: Emma C. These are frozen custard bars.

Yet despite that, I had a lot of fun.

After the festival, my friends and I went to this local bar that has ping pong tables. It’s figuratively beer pong only drinking and playing ping pong are done separately. 😛 I never really played ping pong before, but I think I did alright as a first timer. The lounge/bar place is called Spin, and the interior is amazing. It has this modern, chill atmosphere. It’s definitely a place I want to visit again with my friends.

On a side note, though, I finally got Grimes’ Art Angels CD as a birthday present from a friend! ❤ I listen to it nonstop while I’m doing my homework.


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