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Lyn’s Adventures: 2pm’s Gentlemen’s Game


So my birthday present to myself arrived last weekend, and what I got was 2pm’s sixth album, Gentlemen’s Game. I ordered the normal and limited edition CDs which included two posters. I was willing to splurge for this.

My friends and I all ordered the CD, and we skyped together to see which random 2pm member photocard and photobook cover. We were all hoping that we get the member we wanted. For me, it’s Chansung. He’s my Kpop crush. Yet luck wasn’t on our side for the random photobook cover except for one of our friends who got the guy she wanted, Wooyoung. While the rest of us got Wooyoung too, but one of my other friends got Chansung, the guy I wanted. She didn’t want to get him again because she got him the last time when there was another random member selection for an album. But the universe trolled her and she got Chansung, AGAIN! It’s okay, though, because we all promised beforehand to trade if we got the one that someone else wanted.

As for the random photo cards, we all got different members which were good. The photocards we got were Wooyoung, Chansung, Junho, and Jun K. Sadly, no Nichkhun was found for one of my friends.  😦

However, I think opening the packages together was more memorable than actually getting the CDs. I really hope that 2pm comes back to the U.S. to do another world tour because they promised the last time I saw them. Hopefully, they come back after their mandatory military service. 🙂

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