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Lyn’s Adventures: Everybody Loves Fried Chicken…(Well Most People.)

Last weekend, I went to Berkeley to get a birthday present for my housemate because her birthday was that Sunday. I got her some cool stationary stuff that she can use: a Totoro pencil case, a Pac-Man pen, and panda sticky notes.

I also got a chance to hang out with my friend as well, and we got a chance to eat at one of our favorite restaurants during our undergraduate years. The place I’m talking about is Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen. I never had soul food before, until I came to this place back then. And it was so delicious. One of the reasons why I miss Berkeley too. As a first timer to this restaurant, though, I recommend what I had.

Note: The buttermilk fried chicken consists of boneless chicken breast w/ginger-vanilla sweet potato mash, tasso ham cream gravy & Blue Lake green beans w/parmesan.

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