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Lyn’s Adventures: My Birthday

So I wanted to start this off with a thank you for all the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it, and I did have a wonderful birthday if you wanted to know.

On the weekend, I had dinner with a few of my friends and we went to this popular ramen place that I have been dying to go to since the moment I moved to SF.  We went to Mensho Tokyo, which is a popular ramen restaurant in Japan, and there’s now one in SF. I was looking forward to this since February (when it opened) and I got the chance to eat there for my birthday.

I originally was going to get the Shio ramen, but my friend convinced me to get the Tori Paitan. The Tori Paitan has a thick broth and the duck chasu is so soft and delicious. I was a little skeptic on trying the duck because I don’t eat it grilled like my parents do, but surprisingly, I like duck chasu.


If you ever visit SF, you should try Mensho Tokyo, but there’s a wait time from 15 minutes up to an hour (I’m guessing). In fact, the wait line extends outside the front door because the place is so compact. My friends and I got there early so it wasn’t much of a wait luckily. But if you do visit SF and want some ramen, visit Mensho Tokyo, and if you happen to be in Japan, you should visit the restaurant there too.

Also, if you want to know what else I did for my birthday that’s pretty much it. Ramen, cheesecake, and hanging out with my friends. ❤

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  1. I know I’m days too late, but a belated happy birthday none the less. The ramen looks so delicious, and helped in no small part by how hungry I am sat here typing this haha.

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