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Lyn’s Adventures: Catching Pokemon

So I finally got a smartphone. I’m no longer using flip phones with a keyboard. Since I got the phone, I’ve been playing Pokemon GO. And I guessed you could say that I’ve gotten addicted. It’s a good thing though because I consider this my stress reliever from all the school work I have.


Anyways, this post is about all the other stuff I came across while doing that.

So I visited Berkeley and decided to take a picture of the Campanile. I also went to Japantown because I needed to buy some textbooks at Kinokuniya and I ate lunch at this one restaurant but I forgot its name.

A Bento Box. I was really hungry.
A Bento Box. I was really hungry.

I also went to visit my family and friends over the weekend and we caught some Pokemon by the Wharf and went to this lovely cafe/tea house called Water & Leaves. I had their chai and a Belgian waffle. My friends and I are definitely coming back there because we really like the atmosphere and the food/drinks were good.

We also saw a seal and a bird chilling (and that’s like real “Pokemon” right there.)

And by the way, it was my birthday on Monday. I had a couple of desserts to eat, cake and fruit tarts. I can’t wait for this weekend though because I’m gonna have more foodie trips for my birthday! ❤


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  1. Awesome! Now that you got a phone and Pokemon GO, it’s going to be fun walking. Just be careful of your surroundings and it does drain battery juice.
    Those pictures are really nice and the bento box looks delicious. Even though I said this already, happy birthday!

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