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Lyn’s Adventures: Tea & Ramen With Friends

So school started a few weeks ago and I am already swamped with homework. I’m trying to get back to a normal routine, but it’s difficult since I’ve been out of school for a pretty long time. Not to worry, though, I’m a book nerd and I love to learn so I’ll be up and running soon. (I sound like a machine.)



Anyways, I just wanted to give you an update on my adventures once again. For a couple of weekends in August, I hung out with a few of my friends at their apartment. They were hosting a “tea party,” introducing us to this start-up company called, Teforia, that’s making an innovative way to brew tea quickly but with the same potency as the kung-fu tea set. I’m not an expert on the machine like my friend is, but it was interesting to see how this machine worked. It was really cool to try out various different tea and compare them with the taste, smell, and sight with the original way of tea-making. We also talked about which methodology we preferred. My friends are gonna have a lot more tea parties in the future and I sure look forward to them.*

Also lately, I’ve been having this ramen craving and been visiting various ramen shops. The first shop I visited was with my new housemates. It was like a welcoming party since I just moved in last month. We visited my roommate’s old workplace, Iza Ramen. The ramen I had there was their restaurant named one, Iza Ramen. It was so delicious. I have to take my friends over there sometime.


The second ramen I had was one that I have been to before when I first came to sign my lease for my current apartment back in May. This one is called Kirimachi Ramen. I ordered my usual,  No 1 Ramen.


In addition to the ramen and tea, I got a couple of other delicious drinks and snacks.


*NOTE: The Teforia product is not owned by me. It was courtesy provided via the Teforia Tastemaker Program and it is not the final design. To find out more about Teforia, visit


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