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30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 12: Your Favorite Drama Ending?

(Via Dramafever)

Fall in Love with Me (2014)

Directed By: Guo Chun Hui

So I realized that the topic question from the previous and this post aren’t clear. Do they mean opening/ending songs? Or do they literally mean the endings of dramas? Well, I checked the other questions, and they ask about drama endings, so I’m just going to safely assume that the previous and current question is about music.

My favorite drama ending song is “That’s Not Me” performed by Aaron Yan in the Taiwanese drama, Fall in Love with Me.

Fall in Love with Me is a love story between two people within competing advertising agencies. Lu Tian Xing is a legend in the advertising field—he’s handsome, wealthy, and successful—and he decides to take a break from the advertising world. Tao Le Si hopes to keep her brother’s advertising agency afloat after her brother’s passing. However, the advertising agency is on the verge of being sold, until a mysterious guy, Xiao Lu, helps get her company back on track. At first, Le Si thinks Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing because they look exactly alike, but they have different personalities. Le Si slowly falls for Xiao Lu, but Xiao Lu’s true identity may tear them apart.

The storyline of this drama is entertaining until the end, which was a big letdown. They built up the drama, but then the ending wasn’t what I anticipated for and I felt like it was a bit rushed.


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