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30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 10: Your Favorite Drama Insert Song?

(Via Drama Wiki)

Tokyo Friends (2005)

Produced By: Nagayama Kozo

My favorite insert song in a drama is “To Me” from the Japanese drama, Tokyo Friends. I like it mostly because of the melody and it is the first Japanese song where I memorized all the lyrics.

So this song is sung by the singer, Ai Otsuka, and in this drama, she is in a fictional band called Survival Company.

This drama is about a small town girl, Rei Iwatsuki (Ai Otsuka) who moves to Tokyo in order to pursue her dreams. She ends up being a waitress at a restaurant and the lead singer of a band called Survival Company. Rei even befriends the other waitresses at the restaurant she works at, who are also in Tokyo to pursue their dreams.

Tokyo Friends is a pretty short drama that you can finish in a day and there is also a movie that goes along with it (and you have to watch the movie after completing the drama or else nothing makes sense.) This drama is what made me become a fan of the singer, Ai Otsuka.

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