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30-Day Asian Drama Day 8: Your Favorite Korean Drama?

(Via Viki)

The Heirs (2013)

Directed By: Kang Shin-hyo

I feel like this is another trick question. I can’t pick one, but it seems like I have to. So I’ll go with a popular one among viewers, The Heirs.

This show is about the love lives of rich, privileged high school students—the young and the restless, the bold and the beautiful— who are inheritors of their family’s companies and businesses. The main story is focused on the relationship between the handsome and wealthy guy, Kim Tan, and Cha Eun-sang, the daughter of a mute housekeeper that works in Kim Tan’s home.

The first reason why I watch this show is that I am a Lee Min Ho and Park Shin-hye fan. My second reason is that a Korean drama about rich people amuses me.

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