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30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 6: Your Least Favorite Asian Drama?

(Via Dramafever)

I Need Romance (2011)

Directed By: Lee Chang-han

My least favorite Asian drama is this Korean drama called I Need Romance.

I Need Romance is like the South Korean version of Sex in the City. The show centers on a group of 30-something-year-old women looking for love in modern-day Seoul.

The reason why I didn’t like this drama is mainly because of the ending. And I’m going to spoiler the ending right now: the main girl gets back with her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her. I just couldn’t accept that when he treated her so coldly.

After that show concluded, I felt like I wasted my whole weekend, and I did since I binged watched the whole thing. In fact, I was so mad about this series I didn’t even watch the other spin-offs.

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      • That’s always my complaint about Japanese /Korean romance stories. The second guy is always the one who’s more sincere and in love, and who works so much harder for his feelings . The fact that a guy has cheated means he doesn’t love her enough to consider the hurt she’ll feel if she finds out . Also, he lacks integrity and loyalty, not to mention the fact that he’s a liar ( he needs to lie to cheat )…. in other words, that’s his character.

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      • Yeah, this show angered me because like I’m all for the freedom of a woman’s choice to pick a man, but in this case, I felt like she picked the wrong guy especially since she went on this tangent of being independent and living her own life and what not and you see her with her ex @_@


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