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Enchanting The Unenchanted: My Pokemon Gym

Matt-in-the-Hat decided to tag me in this Pokemon Gym post thingy. Thanks for the tag, but this is going to take some creativity since I’m only a “first generation expert,” and the only reason why I got into Pokemon is because, in second grade, I had a crush on this boy who loved Pokemon. Well, that’s another story that I’ll tell later on in life. So anyways here’s my ideal Pokemon Gym.

Gym Leader

(Via Bulbapedia)

I would specialize in Fairy-type Pokemon. I always thought fairies are cool (I mean if I had to build a Yu-Gi-Oh! deck, I would use a Fairy deck). And since it’s a recently new type of Pokemon, it would be fun to study them and be one of the rare few that has a Fairy-type gym. Many of the Fairy-type Pokemon are cute, and I like cute things. Also, there’s this sort of fantastical element with these Pokemon that makes them other-worldly, but at the same time, still part of the Pokemon world if you get what I mean.

Gym Design

I did some research and there’s like only one Fairy-type Gym Leader, Valerie, and she designed her gym like a dollhouse. She even wears a Japanese-like kimono with a gothic-lolita twist. I don’t know if I can top that…but I’ll try.

(Via Bulbapedia)
(Via Bulbapedia)

Continuing on with the concept of magic and fantasy, I’m going to go with an Alice in Wonderland design. There’s going to be a lot of pastel colors on the walls, and we would most likely battle in a ballroom with the card deck suit theme. As for my attire, I’ll go with a red & pink “Queen of Hearts’ dress—feminine but fantastical.

© Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

After the battle, the trainers and I would have a tea party where we shall enjoy scones and tea-size cucumber sandwiches.


I’d only accept challengers that are mature, humble, kind and amusing. I don’t think a majority of trainers would carry just only fairy-type Pokemon because there aren’t a lot of them, and so I think trainers that come to challenge me will have a variety of different types of Pokemon.

On a side note, I think I’ll get challengers that are misogynistic and may think Fairy-types are too weak and girly. Those are the opponents that I may accept (sometimes) and give them a well-deserved beatdown.  🙂

Gym Leader Quote:

“Prepare to be charmed.” 😉

My Pokémon Team:

  • Sylveon


  • Floette


  • Gardevoir


  • Togetic


  • Dedenne


  • Jigglypuff


Badge and TMs

(Via Pokemon Wikia)

Trainers that defeat me will earn the Fairy Badge and a one-year membership in the Lyndere Club. With one year membership, you are invited to many of Lady Lyn’s tea parties and social events.


I think I did this correctly. I never played Pokemon on a Gameboy or a DS, so I don’t have much experience with the whole Pokemon world except for the anime. However, I do want to play Pokemon Go if I ever get a smartphone…

If you want to check out some other Pokemon Gym posts, check out Matt-in-the Hat’s or Magnitude Reviews’. Those are well-thought out compared to mine.

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  1. Yay, Lyndere events!!

    …Wait, who has to organize them? That sounds like a job the President forces…I mean, appoints someone to do, right? Although I can handle making sure they stay under budget. If not, we can sell Lady Lyn merchandise to turn a profit.

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