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FanimeCon 2016 Highlights

Fanime 2016 was one of the best in the books. What made it special is that I got to see my friends and meet Crimson in real life.


This is my seventh Fanime, but it was the first time I volunteered at the convention. I decided to do it in order to get a full refund on my badge since I was a late registered attendee and paid $75 instead of $55 for the pre-registration back in December.

I don’t regret volunteering because I actually learned a lot and observed what it takes to put on a massive event like Fanime. It takes a lot of manpower, but that’s something you don’t see while you are attending a con. I have great respect towards these staff members that put a lot of hours and effort in making the best convention possible for people. However, they did make some mistakes this time around that they should work on for future conventions. One of the issues involves the registration area to get your badges. It was completely disorganized and there wasn’t any communication amongst all the staff members, so working there was hectic and as a volunteer, I wouldn’t work in that department ever again.

I also volunteered at the E-Gaming and Speed Dating events. E-Gaming was alright. I’m not much of a gamer, though, and the only reason why I signed up for a shift there is because I only needed three more hours and that was the only thing available. However, volunteering for the Speed Dating event was fun. I did it last year, and it was a fun experience. I didn’t do it this year because I had my reasons. A couple of my friends got the chance to joined, though. As a volunteer, I was in charge of the lottery box for the guys. The guys picked a number from the box and if it was one of the lucky numbers, they would be able to participate in the event. It was fun seeing all these guys’ hopes and dreams crushed when they weren’t chosen for speed dating.  I felt like Lady Fortune.

Yet my favorite place to volunteer was at the TableTop Game Room for Adults (+18). My friends kept me entertained while I was there working. We played Jenga the past three nights in a row, and we made a couple of new friends. Seriously, Jenga brings people together, and it’s such an intense game, just like an NBA playoff game. (Speaking of NBA playoffs, my Fanime also consisted of watching the Western Conference Finals where the Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder. That was an epic game because one of my friends was trying to trash talk my team. It was fun, though. My team won and my friend is still alive. 😛 )

Anime Merchandise

I actually have been attending Fanime for the past six years consecutively, and this year was year seven. Before, while I was attending, my main focus was buying as much merchandise as I wanted, but it slowly dwindle down and my reasons for coming to Fanime nowadays is for friends as oppose to buying anime stuff. However, I did buy a chibi figure of Teppei Kiyoshi from Kuroko no Basuke, the first volume of Alex Lee’s Blue Cat Cafe, and my friend gave me a Sylveon keychain thingy. I also got an Inuyasha movie since I got bonus points for volunteering. That’s pretty much it for merchandise.

Food Adventures

Yeah, a part of my trip consisted of food adventures. I got ramen, soft tofu soup, bulgogi, pasta, and some other stuff. What can I say? I love food.

Meeting Crimson From My Fujoshi Life


That’s all I have to say.

I’m kidding.


If you haven’t seen her epic Youtube video, then go check that out. We actually met on Thursday at the Swapmeet. I called her cellphone, and it just so happened that I heard the echo of my voice from her phone so I assumed that she must have been nearby, and she was. Yes, it was awkward at first, but then we hanged out. She got the chance to hang out with my friends (and according to her, it was a herd) and me. She’s part of the squad now.

I also learned that there were other ani-bloggers that attended FanimeCon 2016. Too bad we weren’t able to meet up, maybe next time!

FanimeCon 2017?

I’m on the fence as of right now about whether or not I’ll be attending next year’s Fanime convention. Like I said before, the only reason why I attend Fanime is for my friends, and this year, I went for Crimson. However, I’m not completely a “no” yet, but the chance to attend next year is highly unlikely.

If I do attend, though, I’m considering being a staff member for it. I mentioned earlier, that this year was my seventh Fanime, so ideally, I should contribute my efforts towards making this convention better since I know a lot about this convention from being an attendee for quite some time. However, I also don’t want to deal with people and their issues. I should mention, though, what got me thinking about being a staff member is because of my boss at the Adult (18+) TableTop Gaming area. Throughout the weekend, he was trying to recruit me for staff at next year’s convention. He thinks I’d be a good staff member, and I don’t doubt that because I’m a pretty hardworking person. I told him, “Maybe.” I’m not sure yet since a lot can happen in a year, but I’ll definitely consider it.

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  1. im glad you had fun, gaming is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if i were there, id be in there for ages because im a huge gaming fan lol

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  2. The fortune lady lol oh that bit made me laugh. We have a dating thing at cons where I am never watched one though. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂

    The way you described people getting there badges and the miscommunication between the staff sounds lame shouldn’t be like that

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    • Haha I’m glad that the Lady Fortune bit made you laugh, and yeah it was unfortunate that registration sucked this year when it didn’t last year.

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  3. I would hate to be a staff member 😀 but you seemed to have a good time with it all. Maybe that’s the lifeguarding I’ve been occupied with talking, though. I SAW THE VIDEO a long while back when she posted it and woah, you guys seem hella crazy awesome!! When we met up with Kausus, she and I were just “. . . . . .” it was awkward, but that’s because I was probably making it awkward by being in cosplay and worrying about my hair and my feet were hurting and I had to send my siblings away so we could talk and . . .

    Yeah, it was totally worth the trouble. Meeting another fellow blogger like her was a magical moment — Like, I still can’t believe it! Hopefully you will go to Fanime next year so you can meet more of us. ^.^

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