LynLynSays is going to Fanime 2016.

Originally, I was just gonna go for a day or not at all. However, my plans changed when a certain someone decided to pull a Drake verse on me and do some last minute planning.

I was debating on this since like Saturday after a certain person decided to ask me questions about the convention. Later on, she publicly announced on her blog, My Fujoshi Life, that she’s attending Fanime.

So I registered last night. Instead of going for a day, I decided to go for the whole weekend. My reasoning is that if a friend can travel half-way across the country just to visit, I should be able to spare my weekend for her. I mean, that’s true friendship right there.

Anyways, you all should expect some live tweeting from Crimson, and maybe me. If any other ani-bloggers are attending, Fanime, let me know on Twitter. Maybe we can do some blogging meet-up or something? (That sounds nerdy.)

Also, you can check out my previous Fanime 2015 trip here.

Let’s do this!



      1. yeah, it seems good (but the amount of hatsune miku’s that will be there…lets just say you could probably fill up a whole classroom with the amount of cos players dressing up as hatsune miku)

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