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LynLynSays is going to Fanime 2016.

Originally, I was just gonna go for a day or not at all. However, my plans changed when a certain someone decided to pull a Drake verse on me and do some last minute planning.

I was debating on this since like Saturday after a certain person decided to ask me questions about the convention. Later on, she publicly announced on her blog, My Fujoshi Life, that she’s attending Fanime.

So I registered last night. Instead of going for a day, I decided to go for the whole weekend. My reasoning is that if a friend can travel half-way across the country just to visit, I should be able to spare my weekend for her. I mean, that’s true friendship right there.

Anyways, you all should expect some live tweeting from Crimson, and maybe me. If any other ani-bloggers are attending, Fanime, let me know on Twitter. Maybe we can do some blogging meet-up or something? (That sounds nerdy.)

Also, you can check out my previous Fanime 2015 trip here.

Let’s do this!


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      • yeah, it seems good (but the amount of hatsune miku’s that will be there…lets just say you could probably fill up a whole classroom with the amount of cos players dressing up as hatsune miku)

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