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Destruction From Within: Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War

Courtesy of Marvel Studios & Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Via Wikipedia)

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Directed By: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo

I finally got the chance to watch Captain America: Civil War and it was indeed entertaining. I think, though, if you just watch the trailer, it basically sums up the entertainment factor in regards to action. Well at least, my favorite part. If the movie was just that one scene of all the Avengers fighting one another I would be satisfied because that was epic.

Captain America: Civil War had a pretty weak storyline—what I mean by this, is the plot was there, but can easily be overlooked. I don’t think the purpose of this movie was the plot, but more so for the character development and the setup of characters for future movies. I felt like this whole movie was one big chess board—placing characters in certain situations that they must overcome and also to break and mend bonds among each other. For example, we see the dismantlement of a partnership between Captain America and Iron Man in a matter of moments.

In addition, we also see how worn out Iron Man is with all this hero stuff in which it takes a toll on him, physically and mentally. In this movie, he is practically beaten up most of the time. He had a bruised eye and a broken arm—I almost felt bad for him but not so much. Yet one major indicator that shows Iron Man’s exhaustion is his dialogue. He was less of a hot-head and didn’t have many arrogant jokes, which is out-of-character for Tony Stark. Rather than taking action and glory, he accepted the limitations and laws that the Avengers were given in this movie.

There were two moral lessons that I got out of Captain America: Civil War. The first lesson is that it can take several years to build trust in a friendship, but it only takes one moment to shatter it all. The constant fighting among comrades reminded me of a typical “bro brawl.” You know guys using fists, and then eventually hugging it out after a dispute.

The second lesson is that in order for an organization or a country to function properly, you need a balance between both the ideology of the individual and the authoritative figure, whether it be the government or a corporation. In other words, the employee and the employer must work in harmony. Captain America represents the individual and he fights to protect the innocent and their freedom of choice. In fact, he would go as far as becoming a vigilante or even a “criminal” if it means protecting the innocent such as his best friend, Bucky Barnes. While, Tony Stark/Iron Man believes in obeying the protocol created by the higher authority. He doesn’t want to put any more civilians at risk of injury or death due to their reckless behavior. Also, he thinks “keeping the Avengers in check” will allow them to gain the people’s trust back and also prevent them from making unnecessary fatal mistakes. Looking at each side, they are both right to a certain extent. The Avengers do a public service in which they protect people from harmful threats and danger. However, the Avengers shouldn’t abuse their power nor should the government exploit them for their own intentions.

By the way, I think the “extras” (Black Panther, Antman, and Spiderman) outshine the main characters in this movie. They were amazing and had great action sequences. I, honestly, think if they just showed me that scene of all the Avengers fighting each other, that would be a great movie in it of itself. There was a lot of skepticism about the new Spiderman being a young teenage boy, but I think they played along with his youth and his lack of experience in superheroism quite well and he was entertaining. He brought the humor that this movie lacked from Iron Man.

Furthermore, I think out of all the characters’ storylines, Wanda/Scarlet Witch’s storyline was the most fascinating. Elizabeth Olsen really fleshed out Wanda and she is indeed the better actress among the Olsens. In this movie, we see Wanda trying to control her powers and also figuring out where she belongs since her brother died in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Also, we see her being isolated by others due to her powers and labeled as a danger to society once again.

Anyways, Captain America: Civil War was a pretty good movie. I still pick X-Men over The Avengers, though.


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  1. Nice review. I did notice the tension between Steve and Tony grow. I think that the fight scene was the only best part of the movie. The young Spider-Man was a funny guy in the movie. Let’s see how the new X-Men movie will do on next Friday.

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    • Oh yes, that was like my only favorite part. I didn’t care much for the Winter Solider, Captain America, and Iron Man fight. It was pretty dull. And I’m excited for X-Men 😀

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      • I just wanted to know who was going to win in the fight. The main villain was off to the side manipulating everyone. The X-Men looks good. I wonder how will they defeat Apocalypse.

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      • The main villian wasn’t really a villian though. And yes, I think it looks great. They gonna defeat Apocalypse with the Phoenix Force.

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      • I think that is one the downside of the movie. The villain wasn’t much involved like previous Marvel movies. Oh yeah, if they got Pheonix, she can overpower him and the Four Horsemen.

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      • Yeah, there wasn’t much of a villain so the storyline wasn’t as strong. And yes, Jean Grey’s dilemma, always. xD

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      • I think Civil War would have been fine without the villain and just focus on the Captain America and Iron Man. As for X-Men, I wonder if Wolverine will be part of the action or stay out of it like First Class.

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      • Yeah you got a point. Especially since we also got Crossbones to trigger it too. Yeah I had a feeling he wasn’t going to get involved. I wonder why they met him at the area. Were they trying to recruit him?

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      • Oh yeah, not sure about him. I thought Crossbones would be essential, but just seems to be an add-on to the problems.

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  2. Excellent review as always 😀

    I totally agree, Captain America was not even close to being the real MVP of his own movie…which is both funny and a little sad. The real show stoppers for me were T’Challa and Spidey, and I can’t wait to see their stand alone films in the future!

    I don’t know about the X-men films being better, don’t get me wrong I enjoy them all (the X-men are my favorite Marvel heroes), but I feel like the films are missing something… I can’t quite put my finger on it…

    Anyway this was a great review!

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    • Yeah, I want to see Black Panther’s stand alone film, not sure about Spiderman (never been a fan of the other ones), and Yeah I get you X-Men movies are missing something, but I do love them. 😀

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      • Chadwick Boseman is gorgeous! I can’t wait for it!

        But, I’m interested to see what Marvel will do with Spidey now that they have some of their rights over the character back… It should be interesting to say the least!

        Despite their shortcomings, I can’t wait to see Apocalypse this week!!

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  3. I also agree that the plot was very loose and the villain of the story was pretty weak. Nice debut for black panther and spiderman. The fight sequence at the end where the avengers face off is probably the best in the marvel cinematic universe. The movie falls incredibly short to the standards set by the comics but was entertaining throughout. I would have given it 3.5/5
    I also wanted to see the x-men apocalypse movie, but everyone suggested that it was pretty bad so waiting now to watch it on tv rather than going to the cinemas.

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    • Yeah, the plot was meh, but the action was amazing. I watched X-Men yesterday, and I thought it was a decent movie.


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