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Even The Mightiest Of Bloggers Have Off-Days

(Via Giphy)

I received a private message from a fellow reader that felt a bit disappointed with my latest post because it wasn’t up to standards in comparison to the other posts I’ve written.

My love, the English teacher in me is cringing right now. If you agree, and only if you agree, I will take my red pen of correction and blue pen of explanation to your Norn 9 blog. I suspect you were rushed and overtired when you put this together. Your ideas and opinions are good, as they always are, you just didn’t put it together as well as you usually do.

Just so you know, my feelings won’t be hurt if you say no.

After a couple of rereads and a friend of mine also having his input on my post, I think it is now somewhat “readable” for the public. I apologize to everyone that read this post and didn’t feel like it was a 100% LynLyn post.

The person who wrote the comment above was actually right. I kind of rushed and published it right before heading out to eat sushi with my sister and cousins. I shouldn’t have done so, and just took another reread with fresh eyes later on that night. But as you can see, I didn’t and I got a disappointed reader as a result of it. So once again, I apologize, especially to this particular reader.

There are a couple of things I learned from this:

  1. I have actual readers that really take the time to read a good majority of my posts. As a blogger, you question whether or not people do actually read your posts and from this comment, it seems like someone does. 🙂
  2. It’s a critique, but a pretty thoughtful and considerate one. I don’t usually see those often, so I responded with thoughtfulness as well. (On a side note, though, the comment above is what I consider good commenting.)
  3. I can’t get away with things since I have a much more stable audience than I thought. People are watching me.

So now what?

I can’t guarantee that every post will be perfect (I know that some of my past posts have errors in them), but I will try to be extra careful when publishing from now on. For this particular one, though, I picked food over a good post.

Happy Reading!


21 thoughts on “Even The Mightiest Of Bloggers Have Off-Days Leave a comment

  1. The critique is testament to your might as a blogger, LynLyn. I read the post in question. I’m not an anime/manga lover, mind, but I sometimes read reviews to get an idea of what I’m missing. I do enjoy sushi, though, and hope you enjoyed your evening out. Congrats on keeping things in perspective. xo

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  2. I went to read your Norn9 post just to see it for myself. Half of me is envious because receiving such a comment shows, as Sabiscuit above says, that you have readers out there who care about your content and is familiar enough with it to be able to point it out to me (and actually bothers doing that).

    But to be honest, I wonder if the person is comparing your post to specific ones you wrote with obviously more planning, effort and time. I think you are somebody who gives yourself flexibility whose effort in writing is commensurate with what you want to say – at least i don’t see your style as the kind that upholds a fixed standard in every post you pump out. And that’s fine because we all blog for different purposes.

    Having said that, I think bloggers need to be given some slack in the content they produce. Upholding past standards is tough work xD Of course, one cannot totally slack off if one wants to maintain readership of a certain kind … but I guess its a balance after all.

    No idea why this comment turned out so long :p (Hope I didn’t phrase anything too offensively, I don’t mean to haha!)

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    • Thanks for the comment. It wasn’t offensive and I totally understand what you are saying.

      When it comes to my content, it really does all depend on the subject matter and how I feel about it aesthetically. There are certain anime/manga posts that I put a lot of effort in because it is actually meant for a certain reader. Some of my friends would ask me for my thoughts on certain things. It is those requests that I put a lot more time and effort in, such as the Gintama and Charlotte post. Those posts are meant for specific readers. A majority of my posts though are just written based on how I feel, my opinions, etc. I don’t really have a standard on here because this is my personal blog, I can do whatever I want. 😛

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  3. I’ve had the same thing happen. I usually take one final look before posting, but I’ve skipped it because I suddenly had to rush out the door. The post had several errors, and at least one person noticed. Learned my lesson not to post unless I do that one final check!

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  4. I mean, it’s not like you published a bad book or anything and invested a shit ton of money, time, and energy into it. Well, at least they were kinda nice about it :/
    I thought Norn9 was a fair review. Obviously, larger projects like an analysis will harbor greater investment to detail, but for reviews (as to just quickly spit your thoughts out and recommend/not recommend a show) pshh *flings hand* I wouldn’t dwell on it. Besides, one post lacking ancient synonyms hidden in the creases of a thesaurus is okay. I admired the direct approach taken with Norn9.
    Just my thoughts, but what do I know ^-^

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    • Haha it’s cool. I actually thought the comment was nice and fair. There are some comments where I go @_@ (seriously, if you don’t like it don’t read it), but for this particular reader, I have my respects.

      Thanks. My writing depends on who I’m writing to. Usually, bigger analysis posts are from people’s requests. When it is quickie like these, I tend to write fast and just put my simple thoughts on it. That’s my style 😛

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  5. You took the criticism well. There is always something to look for in criticism, well if it`s worded well. Because it wasn`t hate.

    SaechaoCirculation applauds your efforts, LynLyn!

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