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A Penny for Lyn’s Thoughts: Ep. 1 Blogging Advice

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So a fairly new blogger that will remain anonymous for privacy purposes has contacted me with a request for advice. This is actually the first time someone contacted me on my “Contact Form” for what it is originally intended for, advice. I was contemplating about starting up an advice column for my blog, but I never got to the point of establishing it. However, now that someone has actually contacted me, I guess I should start this column.

So welcome to “A Penny for Lyn’s Thoughts,” Episode 1: Blogging Advice.


Dear Lyn,

You’re delightful. I respect and value the thoughtfulness both in concept and expression you have displayed. In fact, you’re the first person I have “followed”. So I am truly Honored that you have read and liked my posts. My first ever blog post was December 15, 2015. (“Neophyte” is too advanced for my state. Going from 19th century methods to 21st century technology has been challenging.) The learning curve is pretty steep. Would you be amenable to helping me be better at this? Nothing can replace learning by exploration and experimentation, but a little guidance from the more experienced (and open personality) would certainly make learning faster. It’s been a real shock to find that someone might actually be interested in my take on things. Thank you.


Everyone has their own writing style. It takes quite a few posts before you figure it out. For my personal blog, I went with a more stream of consciousness with some analysis and commentary. It is a little different from the normal reviews I’ve seen but this seems to work out best for me. Also, my content is pretty broad because I like to talk about a variety of things I’m interested in.

Since it is your blog, I strongly advise that you write about things that you like. Even if you don’t think it is newsworthy, trust me, someone out there will read it and they may have the same views, opinions, and interests like you.

Content Ideas

I know a couple of people that have notebooks they use when coming up with ideas or posts. I don’t actually do that; in fact, I think my method is much more unusual from the norm. Usually, when I read a manga or watch an anime, I come up with all sorts of ideas or bigger concepts/values that this primary source contains. When I have an idea, I would write out the title or “thesis” first, and then just pour out my thoughts and opinions. After that, I do the revising.

I would recommend writing out your ideas somewhere. Whether it be on WordPress, a notepad or a message on your phone. Just write it down so you don’t forget and can go back to it when you have a never ending list of backlogs.


When you first start a blog, you have to consider the type of audience you are trying to engage with. I am part of the anime blogging community on WordPress and everyone is fairly friendly and enthusiastic over there. However, my blog also dabbles into books, music, and film as well. So I have a variety of audiences that I can cater too.

Whichever audience you are catering to, you should engage and converse with them. If they write about one of your favorite manga, like and/or comment on the post. Personally, I think blogging is a give and take. You provide great posts for people to read, but you also show interest towards other bloggers and writers’ posts as well.

Social Media

In the beginning of my blogging days, I was skeptical towards whether or not to use social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. However, I think using these sites will be an advantage for you. It allowed me to expand my audience outside of WordPress and also you are able to interact and chat with your readers, fans, and blogging buddies about other things. You wouldn’t want to have a long, off-topic conversation on a blog post. It just looks weird.

I have a Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest, Disqus, Google+ and specifically for my blog. Feel free to add me on to whichever thing you have. I don’t bite.

Lyn’s Golden Rules:

  • Don’t make rude general statements and comments based on a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, and etc.
  • Be considerate and respectful.
  • Keep in mind that not everyone is going to like what you write. There will be criticism and downright rude comments, but that shouldn’t make you feel bad or stop you from writing.
  • Have fun. Whatever your reason is to start a blog, just remember to have fun.

So there you have it, Lyn’s Blogging Advice. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

I guess, having a year of blogging experience makes me this “expert” or “veteran.” To be honest, I am still somewhat confused about this whole blogging sphere just as you are. I just work with what I got and figure things out on a daily basis.

“A Penny For Lyn’s Thoughts” is a new segment on Just Something About LynLyn. I won’t go into further details yet, but I will eventually. I will tell you, though, if you want advice, please contact me here. All inquiries will be part of a blog post. You will be anonymous, but if you don’t want your message to be displayed please let me know when you write to me. I can give advice about a plethora of things (I only have like 22.5 years of life experience, so don’t expect much) except sex and marriage. Sex should remain personal and private between you and your partner(s) and as for marriage, I am not married so I can’t help you there.

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  1. What would you do if a “stalker” *cough* cough*, happens to be on just about every other site you’re on :P. Jokes aside. Some good advice there Lyn. Having a linear or narrow blog can hinder your potential readership / traffic to your blog. I’m also thinking of expanding my blog as well. For social media, for most part the blogs theme will accommodate and make them accessible on your blog. But if they don’t, then advertise it xDD.

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    • Yeah, I hope this post helps. And yes check out Opinionated Man, he is a great blogger and networker. He even posts blog advice posts too 🙂


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