Dear Takuto


Recently, some of my favorite bloggers, Abysmal and Shiroyuni, got Twitter. And I have the pleasure of chatting and reading their tweets. Yet someone else is missing in these Twitter antics. His name is Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe.

Dear Takuto,

The customers of the Anime Cafe request that you make a Twitter and add all of us. Our reasoning is that we think you will have a lot of fun talking to us outside of WordPress. And lately, you have been missing a lot of fun chats.

I mean we started a petition on Twitter demanding your hosting presence.

We are pretty serious about this request. We want you on Twitter!


Lyn & The Happy Going Anime Cafe Guests

P.S. There are too many happy going anime cafe guests. I’m too lazy to list them all. They will probably just like this post anyways.


  1. Dear Takuto,

    I am gonna show you our sincerity so I am going to record my efforts here.

    The time is near, the day is here. Please get Twitter today!

    With utmost sincerity
    Shiroyuni 😀

    *I hope you read this ahaha xD

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  2. Now I’m sweating. Krystallina demands a cake, Makotachi is serious for once, Mirrorpurple has a freakin gun — WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THESE KIND FOLK????
    As for Twitter and/or social media in general, the reason I haven’t gotten an account yet is because as it is, I can hardly stay afloat and read through everyone’s posts. Adding more would just be chaotic.
    The people demand more of the Host (I am so flattered, like gosh I’m blushing just reading everyone’s comments), so perhaps I should deliver. THANK YOU for acknowledging me and for wishing to chat even more. I will MOST DEFINITELY think about creating an account just for my blog (and to interact). Quick question: Is yours limited to your blog, or is it also your ‘personal’ account??
    PS: PLEASE Send Shiroyuni home now. Her tent is starting to reek of unpleasant odors. Thanks girl~

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    1. I did nothing. We just started a WP aniblogging movement. 🙂 🙂 Nothing too dangerous. We just want Takuto on Twitter. You are missing out! Also, a majority of our Twitters are just for our blogging community. 🙂 So no need to put your personal stuff in there.

      Thanks for your consideration! It means a lot to us!

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      1. A movement all in my honor, how kind! No need for personal stuff, eh? Second, how easy is Twitter to navigate and post? Is it the kind of thing where you are obligated to read and like everyone’s stuff or do you just occasionally pop in and check things out (is there a reader similar to WordPress that compiles the feed)? They’re dumb questions, but just the stuff I think about.

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      2. It is pretty easy. Shiroyuni figured it out easily. You just have to write random little tweets and we like and reply to them and vice versa. It is pretty easy to navigate and there is a feed too.

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      3. Sounds like I’d adjust fairly well. Tell you what, I’ll have to think it over for a bit (also, I’m currently not “in town” *hence lack of updates*) but once I get back in the first week of March, I should have an answer!

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    2. I personally use mine for my personal purposes, but that just means retweeting anime pictures, but you don’t have to make it personal! You can also be like me and make your account protected so only people you approve can look at your stuff if you’d rather keep it that personal. Also it’s pretty straight forward to use, the updates from the people you follow will be in all chronological order from newer to older on your feed. Considering tweets are under 120 characters it’s pretty easy to just pop in and leave too!

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