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LynLynSays’ Love Songs: Take You Down – Chris Brown

So this is the last installment of LynLynSays’ Love Songs Special. I posted a variety of songs that would get you in the mood for love. However, this last song may come off as unexpected from me.

Yesterday, my homies requested that I post this as the final song for this special. This is another guilty pleasure song of mine. My reasoning as to why I am posting this song is  2PM.

So as promised, here is Chris Brown’s “Take You Down.”


Let me take you down
I really wanna take you down
And show you what I’m about
Can I take you now,
Ya body body ooh
Your body body up and dooown
So don’t stop
Girl get it
Quit playin’ wit it
Can’t waaait nooo mooore
I wanna take you down
I really wanna take you down,
Take you down (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

-“Take You Down” By: Chris Brown

Disclaimer: It’s Valentine’s Day and with romance, there is sex. Lyn is not encouraging or responsible for any sexual acts that may happen while listening to this baby-making love song. If accidents occur nine months from now, that is not Lyn’s problem, but instead, you and your poor life choices. Please act responsibly.


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