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LynLynSays’ Love Songs: Body Talk – My Epiphany

Okay, I know for sure that a good majority of you have not heard of this band or this song. And if you do know this song or band, I give you a high five via the internet.

I found this song from a sampler CD and I instantly fell in love with it. “Body Talk” is a sensual phrase to use, but body language does reveal more than words.

So here’s one of my favorite “love” songs: My Epiphany’s “Body Talk.”

You put on
your make up just right
For something and I guess
that you accidentally fell into that dress

You’ll show up
on every radar screen tonight
my baby
with the echo strength
and rejection circuitry
So gracefully
unaware that she
is the brightest girl
this boy has ever seen

– “Body Talk” (2006) By My Epiphany



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