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Quick Reads: Thoughts on Mayonaka Lolita

Mayonaka Lolita
(Via MyAnimeList)

Mayonaka Lolita

(Manga 2011)

By: Saki Shiumi

It has been a long time since I did a “Quick Reads” manga post. Sorry about that. I am currently in an anime phase, so a majority of my posts will be about anime for now.

Michiryuu accidentally consumes a special rejuvenation drink that makes her become a little girl at night. In order to become normal, she must kiss the person she loves and that person must love her back.

This manga plays with the concept of “lolicon.” I am not much of a fan for these types of anime and manga, but I decided to read this one out of boredom (there really wasn’t a specific reason).

My method of reading this is to not look at it in an immoral perspective. It is just a simple story of a guy that likes a girl, but it just so happens that she is stuck in kid form because of a magical potion. Furthermore, this shoujo manga doesn’t characterize the male lead, Makimura Aoi, as a perverted guy. Instead, it seems that Aoi truly cherishes Michiryuu and tries to protect her from people that do not know her secret.  In fact, Aoi seems to care for Michiryuu’s well-being as if she is really a child. In one view, it could seem that his caring for little Michiryuu is a form of love and affection.

The only issue I have with this manga is the ending, but I won’t talk about it since it is a very short manga.

Anyways, Mayonaka Lolita is a light-hearted read. It doesn’t have much of a lolicon aspect, so you don’t have to worry about that if you don’t like it.


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