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We Are Family: Thoughts on Sisters

Courtesy of Universal Pictures (Via Wikipedia)

Sisters (2015)

Directed By: Jason Moore

So I watched the comedy, Sisters, a long time ago, but never had a chance to write a post about it until now. Actually, during a Christmas party, my friends reminded me that I should write a post about the movie.

The film is about two sisters, Kate (Tina Fey) and Maura Ellis (Amy Poehler), who return to their childhood home after their parents told them that they are planning to sell it. They do not want their home to be sold and are reluctant to clean out their old room. The two decide to host an Ellis’ party just like old times in order to spite the possible new homeowners and prevent them from buying the place.

I don’t watch TV. So I haven’t seen the comedy shows that these two actresses star in, 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation. Yet when I saw the trailer for this movie, I thought it would be hilarious to watch, and I was right. There is a lot of adult humor, but it is a great comedy to enjoy with your friends.

While watching this movie, I realized a couple of things. I don’t want to be a boring adult. What I mean by that is that I don’t want to let life passed by me without doing the things I enjoy the most. Also, I realized that great house parties should be done when it is an empty house because there will be no furniture or decorations that could get ruined. Plus, you just need to tarp the floor. My friends and I were discussing that if we ever bought a house, we will have a housewarming party before buying anything to put in the house. We think it is a genius idea. Lastly, Sisters emphasize one important thing: family, even if you aren’t blood-related. No matter how sucky your life is, you should remember that you always have family and friends that will support you. For me, I think the greatest part of my life is the people around me. They make my life worthwhile.

Sisters is an awesome movie to see with your friends or siblings. But I will warn you, if you don’t like crude humor, don’t watch it.


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