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Just Something About LynLyn is now 1 years-old!

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Dear Readers,

I don’t have kids, but I guess you could say that Just Something About LynLyn is my kid or brain-child, whichever noun you prefer. And this blog just turned 1 years-old today! Happy Anniversary!

I remembered the very first blog post I did, “What’s Different With A Little Something Different?” I started this blog out of a whim. I didn’t expect people to read my articles, but somehow people found my blog and kept coming back. 😀 Thank you, everyone for liking, commenting, sharing, and reading my posts. I really appreciate it, and it motivates me to keep on writing.

(Via Giphy)

To celebrate this one year anniversary, I decided to revamp my blog.  It looks cooler than ever! 😀 I finally updated my review pages, so check that out if you missed any good reads. I also added a “Collaborations” and “Contact Me!” page. The “Collaborations” page consists of all the collab projects I’ve done so far. These people were brave enough to come in contact with me. I put a “Contact Me!” page for the main purpose of possible collaborations in the future. I realize that it was tough before to get into contact with me because you didn’t know how to do so. Well, now you can. If you have other stuff you want to talk to me about privately, you can use that form or message me through my social media accounts. I may or may not reply back to you depending on what it is, though. 😛

I also have a special advice column in the works for my blog. Readers will have the opportunity to write to me for advice, and I will give my own personal thoughts to the reader with the best of my knowledge. Let me know what you all think. It is still in the works though (in other words, in my head).

This past year, I didn’t expect to talk to so many amazing bloggers. I also didn’t expect to be part of a blogging team, Unime. I formed some good blogging friendships, and I look forward to creating more in the future.

(Via Giphy)

Once again, thank you, everyone for the follows, likes, and comments. I hope you continue reading and cheers for another blogging year!

Happy Reading!


P.S. This is my 200th blog post. Ironically, it falls on Just Something About LynLyn‘s anniversary and it is also the last post for  NaBloPoMo.

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    • Thanks. Yeah, I talk to a lot of people on here and it goes off topic at times. Usually, blogs are here to vent too about stuff. Wouldn’t mind if someone listens to you. Now I sound like Lucy from Peanuts.

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  1. Woah — 200 posts, crazy!! But more importantly


    If I knew earlier I would have cleared out the cafe for a party, complete with chocolates and cakes and special drinks 😉 Here’s to one successful year and another one full of fun! Congrats, Lyn :3

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