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Why Thanksgiving Isn’t Important To Me

Ideally, I should be spending time with my family and eating good food. However, I am on my bed, engulf in blankets with my computer right in front of me being a lazy butt since it is freakin cold. Also, I am writing this post at this very moment because I have nothing else better to do.

Yeah, my family never really celebrated Thanksgiving ever since my sister and I were born. Sure, there were moments where we went to Thanksgiving parties, but like they weren’t really “our” Thanksgiving feast. We were just invited and were there for the food.

So, why don’t we celebrate Thanksgiving? Well ever since I was young, my mom would always work. She works at a convalescent home. So instead of spending time with her kids, she spends it with the old folk. And let’s put this into perspective. My mom cares for the senior citizens that may have been forgotten or estranged by their families, too weak to travel, or don’t have any family at all. So while everyone else is spending time with their loved ones, my mom is caring for the old folk that doesn’t get that chance.

So whenever my teachers asked me, “What did I do for Thanksgiving?” I would say, “Nothing, because my mom works.” It didn’t really bother me that my mom wasn’t there for a holiday, and at an early age, I grown accustomed to the mindset that some things are more important than this holiday.

She always worked every Thanksgiving, so there was never a moment when the chef of the household (my mom) could cook a nice, big Thanksgiving dinner and have us be together, all happy and what not. And I don’t step into the kitchen because my mom gets pretty upset when someone messes with her sanctuary.

Instead, since my sister and I are older now, we just feed into the capitalist society and go Black Friday shopping. Yes, I know Thanksgiving is for family time, but we do it in an unconventional way.

And after we come home, my mom is usually back home from work. (She comes home around midnight.) And usually she brings home, all the left-over Thanksgiving food from work. 😀

Anyways, I’m thankful for having an amazing mom. She has a strong work ethic and is passionate at what she does. Plus, I don’t mind sharing her with others. 🙂

And now I wait for the left-overs. So happy belated Thanksgiving!


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  1. Thanksgiving is what you make of it, of course. Seems like you and your family found what works for you. All in all, it is a very hyped event throwing a lot of people together that don’t normally socialize throughout the year.

    Somehow, one way or another, you are thrust into this event and the whole holiday scam. But you find your way, you make of it what you will.

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