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The Companionship Tag

HallyuFangirl nominated me again for another writing tag. This one is the Companionship Tag. If you want to check out their post for this, click here.


  • Mention whom you were tagged by. It’d be sweeter if you also linked to the post wherein they tagged you.
  • Write your sentences carrying on from whoever tagged you. Don’t dance off track.
  • Write only a few sentences, not an entire novel.

Where Nunnally left:

He was leaning against the kitchen sink, a cigarette hanging lazily from the corner of his mouth as he studied the timetable pinned to the refrigerator door with an assortment of childish magnets. She hardly knew the boy, and yet he had already made himself comfortable in her home.


He was dirty and unkempt and reeked of cigarettes. She sighed and asked the question she knew he was waiting for.

“What are you doing here?”

“Same as you, my dear. Trying to survive in the big bad world.”

So he was going to make her grovel. She looked him over again and decided she would let him win this once.

“I mean, what are you doing in this kind of town?”

“Don’t you remember me? It’s been a long time, but I didn’t think you would forget this handsome face.”

She knew that confident drawl and the angular chin. It couldn’t be. She knew it couldn’t be, but she let out a gasp.

It couldn’t be. And yet, it was.


“I can’t believe it. No! It’s not true!!” She took a step back from the shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She blinked twice and pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming and in return she got a chuckle from the boy around her age, but the boys appearance makes him look like a child.

“It’s me your one and only true lover. And yes true. Remember how I brutally murdered your boyfriend?” The boy let out a sinister laugh. And then he pulled something out of his pocket which was…


…a lighter. But not just any old lighter. She gasps as tears filled her eyes. It was a cheap lighter, originally white, but painted with the skilled fingers of an artist to resemble her favorite anime character. Her boyfriend had given it to her on their second-year anniversary. She’d thought she’d lost it during the accident.

NO. Not an accident, she realized, with wide eyes, that what he said was true. He smiled seductively at her. He took a step towards her and she took a step back.

“S-stay away from me.” She stammered, but the boy just chuckled. He reached up and pressed his hand against her face.

“Stay with me…forever…like this,” And then he was kissing her, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. She bites down, hard, and he lets out a scream of pain. He spits to the side, his saliva stained with blood. “That’s okay,” His eyes are narrowed, but he forces himself to remain calm. “I’ll just stay right here so we can get to know each other a little better.” He kisses her again, lighter this time, and then stalks away, leaving her staring after him in fear and disbelief. She waits until she can hear the shower turning on before she backs into the wall, sinking to her knees as the tears overflow.

My Turn:

You can hear the shower in the other room. She can feel the tears coming down from her cheek. She can see the lake again.

Oh no, it’s happening again. The images. The images of the tragic day she lost her former boyfriend.  The police ruled it as a suicide. A car just happens to steer off the bridge and landed into a lake. But there is more to it…that man is involved. 

The shower stopped. 

I nominate Crimson from My Fujoshi Life. Happy Writing! 😀

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