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An Unnecessary Fan Service: Thoughts on Attack on Titan Pt. 1 & 2

Courtesy of Toho (Via Wikipedia)

Attack on Titan Pt. 1 & Attack on Titan: End of the World (2015)

Directed By: Shinji Higuchi

Crimson from My Fujoshi Life and I did a collaboration article for the live-action movies, Attack on Titan Pt. 1 & 2 for Unime. If you want to check out this two-part series, click here for part one and part two.

I’m not going to give you a synopsis of the movie because you can get a detailed description on Wikipedia. What I am going to talk about is a scene within the first part of the movies that we didn’t write about for the collaboration article. So yes, there will be spoilers. If you don’t want to read about it, then don’t read this post. Yet if you are a curious cat, continue reading.

So there is this one scene in the first part of the Attack on Titan movies, where Eren is devastated that Mikasa moved on with her life—leaving Eren behind— and he sees Shikishima flirting with her. Eren ends up being comforted by one of the other scouts, Hiana. I mean she did more than comfort him. She was trying to seduce him and hoped that he could become her child’s father.

They were about to sleep with each other. I mean the abandoned building that they were in was secluded and no one was around. In addition, Eren and Hiana were able to see Fukushi and Lil getting it on (gosh they were an annoying couple). So the mood and setting was “right.” Luckily, Eren and Hiana didn’t get the opportunity to sleep together because a Titan was right there to eat her. 🙂 Yes, I honestly can say she deserved it. The first reason was that she went off by herself because she heard a baby crying when they were all supposed to stick together while they were in Titan territory. Eren had to go save her, but she put the group in danger of being exposed by Titans. I think it was her fault that they got into danger in the first place. You are on a mission! Stick to the plan! You are supposed to stick together at ALL TIMES!

I guess you could say I thought that scene was unnecessary fan service. It was annoying and it had no purpose. Eren doesn’t need a woman to comfort him. What he needed was to become stronger in order to compete with Shikishima, which he does when he becomes a Titan. Also, Hiana’s character was annoying. I understand that she joined the military group to get the benefits for her child, but the fact that she needs to throw herself at a man kind of made me lose respect for her.

Anyways, I’m done ranting about that part. It is my least favorite scene of the whole entire two movies. I just realized that we didn’t mention it on our discussion article for Unime. So I decided to mention— more like rant though—here. If you want to read more of my thoughts about the movie, check out the articles I did with Crimson on Unime.


10 thoughts on “An Unnecessary Fan Service: Thoughts on Attack on Titan Pt. 1 & 2 Leave a comment

  1. Just a question…. Aren’t Mikasa and Eren being together romantically canon ? I didn’t see that part in the anime. At any rate, that’s quite disappointing. And why Hina and Eren about to sleep together a fan service ? Is that to inject the obligatory rivalry cliché ?

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    • I have no idea what the author’s intentions are for his manga/anime with them, but in the movie they were a couple. Oh the way they shot the scene of Hina and Eren was totally fan service in regards to showing the female body as desirable. The purpose for it, I think was for Eren to be comforted after he saw Mikasa and Shikishima together.


      • The fact is, even in anime and manga, I didn’t see and feel Eren showing any romantic feelings for Mikasa. I suspect he’s just showing a dog in the manger attitude. He doesn’t really like her in a romantic way, but doesn’t like her to transfer her obvious adoration to another guy. That’s selfishness.

        It’s definitely fan service. There shoud be a rival, right ? It’s totally cliché.

        They did this with Ouran HS Host Club., and it was even worse for this adaptation. In the anime, he was engaged to another, and the main guy and his fiancée became intimate . ( had sex ) It totally ruined it for me.

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      • Yeah I didn’t think there was an Eren and Mikasa relationship in the manga or anime.

        OH man, I don’t recall the anime for OHSHC. I haven’t read the manga either.


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