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My New Music Obsession: Grimes

I’m late to the Grimes party, but at least I arrived. Before someone calls me a bandwagon hipster, I just want to say that I’m a music enthusiast with a wide range of tastes (as evident from my 30-Day Song Challenge). One could describe her music as “experimental pop,” and if you read my stuff, I am a fan of pop music in general. I love the easy-listening sound of her music. 

From my research, Grimes is more than just a musician. Grimes is a multimedia project created by Claire Boucher. Her visual art on her album covers and music videos as well as the sounds and lyrics of her music is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and ears. I wished I discovered her earlier in life. I think what I admire about her is that she is so focus and dedicated to her creativity and passions when I watched her interviews. She is true to herself which is reflective on her visual art and music, and I think that is awesome.

As you can see, I am addicted to her music. I just like the experimental pop music/sounds and her voice is angelic. I think I need to add her CDs on my Christmas wish list.

I’m going to listen to the Art Angels album on Spotify now. (Hmm maybe I’ll do my own review of this album later on.)

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  1. I’m “late to the Grimes party as well.” I actually found her because of our mutual love of “Dune.” I’m a big fan of multimedia artists and of those that take pop to new places. I’ll have to check out Art Angels as well. Did you end up doing a review of it?


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