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“Take Me to the Top.” My Thoughts About the Back to Future Hearts Tour


So I went to my first concert for 2015. It was my friend’s birthday, and to celebrate it, we went to this concert. It was the Back to Future Hearts tour with two major headlining bands, All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens, and two opening acts, ONE OK ROCK and Neck Deep. I’ll be honest. I only attended this concert in order to see ONE OK ROCK. The only All Time Low song I know is their debut song, “Dear Maria Count Me In.” Also, I have never heard of the band, Sleeping With Sirens or Neck Deep until attending this concert. 

So if you don’t know who ONE OK ROCK is, they are a Japanese rock band. They are opening for this tour in order to promote their debut US album, 35xxxv. They sang the theme songs for the live-action, Rurouni Kenshin, movies. Those songs are “The Beginning” and “Mighty Long Fall.

ONE OK ROCK was the first to go on stage, and even though they only played for like 20 minutes, they definitely rocked out. They were amazing! They sound great live, and Taka does indeed have an impressive vocal range. Some of the songs that I recalled them playing are “Take Me to the Top,” “Cry Out,” “Decisions,” “Paper Planes” featuring Kellin, and “Mighty Long Fall.”


So I kind of knew all the lyrics to ONE OK ROCK’s songs, and I think I annoyed the people around me for my screaming. However, I honestly, don’t care if I annoyed them because after they finished their set I left the front and headed to the back. Those people only had to suffer for like 20 minutes. Plus, if it was their favorite band, they would be fangirling and screaming like I was. In addition, ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese band that is starting to get exposure in the U.S. So I am cheering for them loudly because I know the majority of people in the crowd don’t know who they are. Plus, I am pretty sure that the band heard and saw me because I was somewhat close to them.

After their set, they had a signing session, and I got their CD signed. 🙂 It was awesome that they did that because didn’t expect them to. I really want them to visit America again, and be the headliner of their own tour. They are a must-see live. They have an awesome stage presence.

So I didn’t see Neck Deep because I was busy getting an autograph from ONE OK ROCK. Priorities man. As for Sleeping With Sirens, Kellin—the lead vocalist—has an amazing vocal range too. He can hit those high notes well, and he can transition easily from screamo to singing. They sang the songs, “Roger Rabbit,” “Do It Now, Remember It Later” which are my favorites from them.

In regards to All Time Low, they have a great stage presence as well. They interacted with the crowd and they all have a great sense of humor. This was also the first concert, where I saw girls throw underwear, bras, and accessories at them. I heard stories that those types of things do happen in a concert, but this was the first time I witnessed it. The lead guitarist, Jack, was hanging the bras that were thrown onto the stage on the mic. He was also wearing the things being thrown. It was pretty funny. From watching them perform,  I understand why they still have so many dedicated fans over the years.

Overall, I had so much fun. I got to see my favorite Japanese rock band, ONE OK ROCK, which is a rare opportunity since they live so far away. I really hope they come back. I probably won’t go to another All Time Low or Sleeping With Sirens concert though because I don’t really listen to them. Hopefully, the next band I will see is The All-American Rejects.

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  1. neck deep is such a great band, although i understand your priorities ;D they’re one of my favourite bands, and i would have seen them live had it not been for the fact i was on holiday when they were in my city XP

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  2. I’m honestly a tad surprised SWS played anything from before their acoustic EP, because I know a lot of people dropped off after their second album. E.G. me. I suppose they have to play their classics though, kek.

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  3. Oh wow you got to see ONE OK ROCK? 😀 Sounds like it was as awesome as I thought it would be! I’m looking at my unsigned copy of 35xxxv right now and I’ma so sad lol :’s When’d you hear about them, what was the first song you heard? Mine was C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. or probably The Beginning both are totally cool :3 I was surprised that 35xxxv was all in english but it makes sense that it’s the album to promote their American debut, soo lucky :))

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    • Yes lol. I heard about them from randomly scrolling through videos. I wasn’t that into Jrock or the visual kei scene until I heard them. I like their sound because it has this American-ish style to it like the other rock bands I like. The first song I heard was “Clock Strikes,” and I fell in love. lol I like C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. and The Beginning too.

      Yeah it is all in English, but when they were playing live I sang the songs in Japanese. I think people thought I was weird. I really hope they come back again though!

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      • Hahaha isn’t it always like that nowadays XD I’m bad with genres actually, there might be some other great bands in there, I’ll try find some :> Oh yup Clock Strikes ftw.
        OH! Hahaha I see, man I would’ve come right up to ya and joined in, if I knew the words lol. Yeah :’) I just found out I missed them at my corner of the world earlier this year hnnng

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      • Yeah it is haha. At least I know someone who would sing with me. Many girls stared at me like I was weird xD but it’s cool.

        Hopefully, they will come back in your country!

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