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The Voice Within: Thoughts on Utaenai Fairy and Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute

I recently read these two manga, Utaenai Fairy and Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute, and they are perfect-fit to write about for this music mood I am in. Both these stories focus on a female protagonist that has a desire to become a professional singer. However, these main female characters are very shy and cannot handle being in front of a crowd. In order to get rid of these fears, it takes a special someone to give them courage.

utaenai fairy
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Utaenai Fairy 

(Manga 2012)

By Mikan Natsume

Utaenai Fairy is a one shot manga. The main girl is an internet sensation. She is a cover song vocalist known as Fairy. Many of her classmates are fans of her music, and really want to meet her in real life. Yet her classmates do not know that the vocalist is actually their quiet and timid classmate. Shiina Kanade, a popular student as well as a famous idol, is also a fan of Fairy, and gets excited when he finds out that his classmate is Fairy.

Utaenai Fairy is a cute one-shot. However, I found it funny that the main girl didn’t really have a real name, and instead she goes by her alias name on the internet, Fairy. By not having a name, it further shows how she kind of a nobody.


Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute
(Via MyAnimeList)

Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute (ひとりぼっちはさみしくて)

(Manga 2008-2009)

By Kozue Chiba

Similar to Utaenai Fairy, the main girl, Shiou Nanahara, desires to become a professional singer. However, her parents disapprove of this dream because it is unrealistic. One day, Shiou has a strange encounter with Nao Takagi on the rooftop. Surprised to find him there, Shiou runs away and accidentally leaves her notebook filled with song lyrics. While in front of the class, Nao recites the words from the notebook that Shiou dropped, and she gets embarrassed and angry at him. Nao finds out that the poem is actually song lyrics about him, and he asks Shiou to sing the song for him. Nao becomes mesmerized by her voice, and suggests that they should become musicians together.

Personally, I like how this manga focuses on dreams and life goals. Hence, the constant references to wings as a symbol of freedom. Also instead of having their own set of wings, Shiou and Nao share a set of wings as represented from the angel wing necklaces. By having each of them hold one wing, it conveys that they need each other to achieve their dreams and are tied together by fate.

Shiou and Nao desire to be musicians. Most parents would think that dream is unrealistic and foolish. Many parents and adults think realistically about the future since they lived many years and experienced many life lessons and failures. Yet when it comes to youth, young people have so many hopes and dreams that the don’t fear failure or put any pessimistic views aside. In fact, the two end up going to Tokyo to check out the music-scene, behind their parents’ back.

Shiou and Nao do not listen to doubts, and instead they work hard to achieve their dreams and seek acknowledgement from those around them: the school and their families. Personally, I can understand where Nao and Shiou are coming from. Parents want what is best for their children, but their dreams may not be similar to what their child wants. The best that parents can do is support their child’s dreams and aspirations. But what do I know, I’m still trying to figure out how to be an adult.


For both of these manga, I picked the title, “The Voice Within” because the two main girls are shy and passive. They have a desire to sing, but fear being in the spotlight in front of an audience. However when they get the courage to sing, they transform into women with more assertiveness and self-confidence.

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