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Daiyamanga Nominated Me For The Sunshine Award (Part 4)


I haven’t done an award post in a long time, so thank you Daiyamanga for the nomination. She nominated My Fujoshi Life and me at the same time. I am assuming that she enjoys laughing at our foolish tweets to each other 😛

Anyways thanks again for the nomination, Daiyamanga. I am going to enjoy answering these Halloween themed questions. You can check out Daiyamanga’s Sunshine Award here.

Daiyamanga’s Questions

1. What is your favorite costume you wore for Halloween or another event?

I don’t really dress up for Halloween or cosplay. Yet if I could dress up as anything I want, I would be Snow White, Toph, Saya from Blood+, or Rukia from Bleach.

2. What is your favorite Halloween-themed or scary movie?

Hmm…I don’t like scary/horror movies. So I will pick a “non scary” (to an extent) and dark fantasy movie, Pan’s Labyrinth.

3. What was one time you were really scared?

The scariest moment I ever experienced is happening to me right now. I am friends with Crimson from My Fujoshi Life. Words cannot describe how I feel towards Crimson’s personality. So I am just going to show examples.

This is how I feel about Crimson when she shows up on my Twitter every day. One day, I fear she will show up on my door step. Just kidding, then again not.

This is the only picture you will ever get of me (for now).

Even though she can have stalker tendencies and is a little crazy in the head, Crimson is a great blogger and friend in this blogging community. I am glad to have befriended her. As for the rest of you, it is up to you if you want to follow this blogger. She is “unique,” and she will never fail at being a pocket full of sunshine. 🙂

Daiyamanga and everyone else, I hope you enjoyed reading this fun post. 😀 And Crimson, I have nothing else to say to you. 😛

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  1. I’d say your best bet is to cosplay toph, all the other characters are way too tall for you 😛 (chibichan)

    I’ve yet to figure out if you’re saying nice things abt me or not LOL No way! I was totally going to go visit you last weekend but then I realized i was behind on my project :0 ! Maybe next time….

    *_____* #lyninmypocket

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